Literacy Program

wooden figure laid down to read a bookThe Delray Full Service School Adult Literacy Class provides both English language and literacy instruction for adult students whose first language is not English and who are non-literate or semi-literate in their home language. Our program adopts a team centered approach to tackle illiteracy. Many students receive individualized, one-on-one, weekly assistance through the help of classroom volunteers and a team of highly trained Literacy Tutors. Students improve their knowledge of written text, increase their ability to communicate in English, and bolster their self-confidence.

Need more information about Literacy at DFSS: Please call (561) 266-1201

I am an adult who is fluent in English but who has trouble reading. Where can I go for help?
The Adult Literacy Project can help. They offer free, one-on-one lessons with volunteer tutors at a local county branch library. Interested students are encouraged to call for a brief interview and to schedule an appointment for evaluation.

My child is struggling in school and reads below grade level. Where can I go for help?
The Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County has a handful of children’s programs that foster early literacy skills. Please visit their website to learn more.